Welcome (Intro, Getting Started, Involved, etc)


Welcome to the discourse.cayley.io community. This forum is beating heart of the Cayley graph database community. It acts as both a mailing list (you can enable mailing list mode if you don’t like the web interface) and a web based forum.


  • Cayleys goal is to be a part of the developer’s toolbox where Linked Data and graph-shaped data are concerned.
  • Community driven
  • Written in Go (can be used as a Go library)
  • Easy to get running (3 or 4 commands, below)
  • RESTful API or a REPL if you prefer
  • Built-in query editor and visualizer
  • Multiple query languages: JavaScript (gremlin-inspired), MQL
  • Multiple backend stores: LevelDB, Bolt, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, In-memory, ephemeral
  • Modular design; easy to extend with new languages and backends
  • Good test coverage
  • Speed, where possible.


If you are brand new to discourse, we created a sandbox category that doesn’t get posted to the homepage, so please, go experiment!

We also have an off-topic section that doesn’t get posted to the homepage for anything the community might want to discuss that isn’t related to Cayley.