Visualization Integrations - BI Tools


Has there been any thought with Cayley and integrations into existing visualization tools out there that are more focused on the BI side of things:

I’m sure there are more out there.


We already support Gephi to some extent, since we can export data to GraphML and GML. But we need to export quads for individual queries to make it usable, I guess.


Full support for Gephi is comming :wink:


I had some limited dialog with folks from Linkurious, citing similar interests to @carnalim. I, personally, would value connectivity to a frontend toolkit like Linkurious quite highly. The folks there were quick to respond and eager to talk but admitted only support (currently) for Neo4j and TitanDB.

Maybe the connectivity would have to come from this [community] direction instead of the other way around…for starters?

Gephi connectivity would be appreciated as well, of course. Looking forward to that @dennwc.



Initial support for Gephi: #533

Requires GraphStream plugin. See docs for details.

@schamic @carnalim Will check Linkurious as well. Shouldn’t be hard to integrate.


Thats awesome news, glad to see more integrations happening.


Any plans on GraphML? Ideally I want a Graphml output that i can feed my cytoscape visualization…


@jaiganeshvazhkudai We already support GraphML as an export format