V2/node/delete, should this take one or more graph label as part of the payload not just the node id?


When using graph labels, the same identifier may be present in multiple graphs (where each graph is defined using a graph label). The semantics of the current /v2/nodes/delete, is unclear, would it fail to delete quads with a graph label or delete all quads regardless of the graph labels on the quads?

Maybe a good enhancement would be to allow specifying one or more graph label’s as part of the /v2/node/delete call?

I suppose the question may even be broader, the same could apply to the api/v2/read api, that could as well benefit from a filter on graph label. The question then is is the graph label a high enough concept that it would warrant its own filter in the rest api’s? Or would the advice be at the point write graphql, or gizmo, though neither of those is necessarily ideal if your going after raw quads.