Suggestions for a new logo


We discussed it a few days ago on #cayley IRC channel and there was an agreement that the logo should be re-designed. I am not a designer so please submit your versions and we’ll pick one.


For header background, how about using this library:

I know they use it to great effect on landing page:


I know they use it to great effect on landing page:

grumble that seems to eat a bit of CPU cycles. Not 100% comfortable with something like that on the landing page, despite how nifty it is.


You can change the settings to lower CPU usage. (ie. change number of particles, speed etc)


Don’t forget to talk about the logo on this thread (:


I am toying around with it on now – not sure I will keep it, but was fun to experiment with.


remember to change settings to reduce pressure on CPU


I doubt we are going to keep it – but was fun to play with.


That would be a shame because it really would give the impression that Cayley is a “cool” product. I see no negatives of using it, provided it is configured correctly with some nice colours and correct CPU-friend settings - perhaps first detect if device is mobile, then reduce the settings further.