Starting from v0.7 g.Vertex() query seems to have been broken


Hi All,

Today I tried the cayley v0.7.0 release and the g.Vertex() call is returning null always.

for example on the testdata.nq,


returns “null” but it works fine with previous release v0.6.1

Am I missing something?


It should be g.V().All(), not g.V("").All().


Me too but I used window build version.
it works fine with v0.6.1. but v 0.7 query alway response null .
v0.7 --dbpath= xxx i set wrong name file but it can run with no error and get all result null.
v0.6 cannot use wrong path or wrong file name.


I am able to confirm this is indeed an issue
in v0.7.0 it returns null
g.V(“lt bob gt”).In("").All()

in v0.6.1 it returns results
g.V(“lt bob gt”).In("").All()

“result”: [
“id”: “lt alice gt”
“id”: “lt charlie gt”
“id”: “lt dani gt”


Thanks. the forum software is removing the content I write with in the quotes.
it is actually g.V(“lt bob gt”).All()


Since the forum is automatically removing the contents written inside &lt and &gt symbols, I have uploaded the details to github issues. Please check if it is useful


Got the solution from @dennwc through github bug tracker and the issue happens to be the modification of flags.

Please refer here: