Starting a prototype with Cayley


Dear Cayley community,
Thanks for this wonderfull project.
I am starting a prototype with Cayley graph to valdiate its suitablity for my use cas scenario.
Also I was wondering when do you expect 0.7 to land ? Since it could make sens for me to wait until it is realeased.

Second question; how robust is the 0.6.1 to validate a project? Is it working in its elementary features? Or is it prety much Alpha and each step of the way might be a bug :wink:
Thanks for your help


Hi @hubyhuby,

Thanks for trying Cayley for your prototype project :slight_smile:

We recently narrowed down a scope of v0.7, and with current progress on it, I expect it to be finished in two weeks approximately.

But the question is, do you want to use it as a library from Go, or as a standalone server? In the first case I can not guarantee that 0.7 Go API will not break during this time. On the other hand, if you want to use it as a server, HTTP API is stable, and new release will only add a node delete API.

In both cases I would strongly suggest to use or wait for a new release - it has numerous performance improvements, bug fixes, query features such as recursive queries, better Bolt and SQL backends, etc.

But if you don’t need to test performance too tightly or use recursive queries, 0.6.1 might still work for you. Query API was not changed significantly, and most code/queries should work with no or small modification in 0.7.


Hi @dennwc
Thanks for your quick reponse.
We are doing a standalone server, so the latest version seems the way to go.
A connected question, if we do the following import in GO, we get the latest master branch? Which is the Pre 0.7 ?

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Finally, concerning a potential roadmap, do you have a very rought idea of your goals ?


Hello again,

v0.7.0 was released few days ago. Master still points to the same commit, so you don’t need to change imports for it to work, but I would suggest to pin this version using any Go dependency management tools like glide or dep.

Note that graph/bolt is considered legacy and will be dropped in v0.7.1. You can change import to graph/kv/bolt and it should work with a new implementation without any changes in code.