RocksDB backend?


I haven’t seen any mention of RocksDB as a potential backend. Is this planned? My understanding is that RocksDB was originally branched from LevelDB, and provides more advanced capabilities, and 9-10x write speeds.



We try to avoid C-based implementations, but in general it’s easy to add support for it. If you implement this interface it will work with no additional changes required. Should be easy enough.

Also note that we support Badger that is also pretty fast comparing to LevelDB. Not sure how it compares to RockDB though.


Okay. But LevelDB is not Go-based. I understand the preference for staying in Go-land. Okay if I open an issue for this request? I probably can’t find the time to take this on myself. I’m sure it’s easy like you said, though.


I’m not sure why you mentioned that LevelDB is not Go-based. Do you mean RocksDB?

In any case, sure, please open the issue in Hidalgo for adding support for it. I won’t have time to work on it at the moment, but someone will contribute it eventually.


I thought LevelDB was a default KV store for Cayley. I guess it’s actually bolt?