path.Save Lost some data when using sql backends


When I tried the path.Save example in GizmoAPI doc, found that the output is not consistent with the description in the doc.

example in doc:

// Start from dani and bob and save who they follow into "target"
// Returns:
//   {"id" : "<bob>", "target": "<fred>" },
//   {"id" : "<dani>", "target": "<bob>" },
//   {"id" : "<dani>", "target": "<greg>" }
g.V("<dani>", "<bob>").Save("<follows>", "target").All()

When I tried this example with mysql or postgre backend, actually the output is:

	"result": [
			"id": "<dani>",
			"target": "<greg>"
			"id": "<bob>",
			"target": "<fred>"

But bolt didn’t have this problem. Have anyone ever had a similar problem before?


I can confirm this issue. Opened an issue for it: #724