Improvement Jump start Guide


Most people comes from regular Mysql postgres background stuff …
It would be nice in the documentation to give a more advanced Overview explanation just at the beginning in getting started.

Two things are missing and could make it much easier to understand cayley :

  1. What are the basic concepts of the graph in Cayley ? Provide with a drawing of nodes and predicates, quads with an example we can type in the GUI REPL …

  2. How to insert quads, nodes … as well would be very welcome addition. With examples in the GUI
    Importing the sample data is cool. But for training purpose it is important to understand and try the basics.

For reference dgraph has posted a video, that could help describing the first step for newbies on cayley. I was able in 10 minutes to understand the basics of Dgraph. Now after 2 Hours on Cayley I am left wondering how it works … I have so many questions on the back of my head that I won t write them there (Is there an equivalente to the “schema is built as you need them” found in dgraph ?)

PS: I have found some resources that uses different approaches.



This is very true and in progress. We are consolidating terminology and practices to create a coherent API for Cayley ( Once it is done we’re going to publish a full getting started guide for querying. Then we’ll work on better APIs for data insertion ( and document how to use them as well.


Hi @iddan,
I am impressed how fast you answer ! THKS a lot for your help !
Sorry I didn t want to be rude :wink: I know that sometimes it is difficult to have the point of view of a newbee like me on a new tech (hence I share it). I am sure it is getting improved . I will give it a try when 0.8 is out .

Have a nice day


Thank you @hubyhuby. Feel free to use this space for followup question. You may also contact me directly if you need private help.