How to limit the loading of schema to a specific depth


I am using cayley as a library.

I have an “Item” category

type Item struct {
ID quad.Value quad:"@id"
Children []Item quad:"childOf > *"

Let us say, we have added the following quads
E is “childOf” D , D is “childOf” C , C is “childOf” B and on.
This results in A<B<-C<-D<-E
Now, if I use the LoadTo to load the quads into the schema, how can I limit the loading to stop at depth 3 starting from E as source.
Is there a way to do this in cayley?


There is no way to limit depth for now. But it’s trivial to implement, so please file an issue on Github to track this feature, and I will implement it in a near term.


Thanks. I filed it here


It’s (finally) implemented upstream :slight_smile: Sorry for delay.


Hey, thanks a lot for sparing your precious time for this. It is very helpful.I really appreciate your efforts.