How to define timeout correctly in config files?


I tried setting the timeout parameter to 60 in the config file, but cayley doesn’t seem to care. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

I’m using 0.7.0-alpha and the config file looks like this:

  # backend to use
  backend: bolt
  # address or path for the database
  address: "./data/cayley_test.db"
  # open database in read-only mode
  read_only: false
  # backend-specific options
    nosync: false
timeout: 60
  ignore_duplicates: false
  ignore_missing: false
  batch: 10000


Timeout is specified in Golang duration syntax, thus 60 seconds should be written as 60s. This should work.


It cuts off the query after 30.00x sec even with the 60s each time. Thanks for the reply


Okay, I will double-check this


Fixed. Timeout should be specified as

  timeout: 30s