How can i run cayley with mysql backend in docker-compose


I want to run cayley with mysql backend in docker-compose. but whent I run it, got errors as below
phoenix-cayley | I1206 02:04:13.983522 1 command.go:805] Cayley version: v0.7.x-dev (9c843edfeaa4)
phoenix-cayley | I1206 02:04:13.983781 1 command.go:805] using config file: etc/cayley.json
phoenix-cayley | I1206 02:04:13.983912 1 http.go:20] using backend “bolt” (data/cayley.db)
phoenix-cayley | E1206 02:04:13.984021 1 quadstore.go:65] Error, couldn’t open! open data/cayley.db/indexes.bolt: no such file or directory


Hey, it looks like your DB doesn’t know it should use a mysql backend.
You should configure it using a configuration file or passing arguments to the CLI: --db mysql.
Can you provide your configuration so I can give more precise instructions?