GraphConnect is coming



I wanted to formally introduce myself to you - I am Karin Wolok, the new Community Manager of Developer Relations at Neo4j!

A few exciting things I wanted to tell you about:

GraphConnect conference is in NYC this year!!!
If you have not been before, this 2-day event features training sessions, hackathons, amazing speakers, graph clinics, demos, contests, prizes, and more.
The call-for-proposals is now open! If you have a talk you would be excited to share with other Graph <3-ers, make sure you submit by July 15th!

In my position as Community Manager, I am here to help you with anything you need! If you have an idea for a meetup, a hackathon, want to set up a training session at your office, or just want to tell me about how much the spiderweb you saw today reminds you of a graph, please feel free to reach out to me:

I’m organizing MeetUps all over the globe! So, if you have a talk that you’re not ready to submit for a conference, but something you want to share, showcase, teach, etc, please fill out the little Google Form I made! :smiley:

Because you’re one of our loyal MeetUp members you get a 20% discount for the GraphConnect conference! (Make sure you visit us at the DevZone!) Promo code: Community20

I’m here anytime to chat, and encourage you to reach out! You can contact me here on meetup, email me, or chat on Neo4j Community Slack!


Karin Wolok

Community Manager of Developer Relations @ Neo4j