Glossary Of Terms


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  • cross iterator:
  • direction:
  • edge:
  • gremlin
  • iterator:
  • iri:
  • json-ld:
  • label:
  • link:
  • meta store:
  • metaschema
  • morphism:
  • mql:
  • node:
  • object:
  • path:
  • predicate:
  • properties:
  • quad:
  • rdf:
  • recon service:
  • schema:
  • sparql:
  • storage engine:
  • subject:
  • topic service:
  • triple:
  • vertex:
  • virtual predicate:

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What is a bare node?

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I have been reading about Graph databases and Triplestores. Am I getting this correct?

  • node = vertex = entity = point = subject/object
  • edge = graph = relationship = arc/line/arrow = predicate
  • properties = labels (metadata on nodes and edges)


Subject/Object is usually a “node”, but it might be an “edge” or “predicate”. In RDF stores predicates are vertices as well.
Also, Subject/Object pair usually means Source/Target of a relation.

Label is not exactly a metadata on Nodes/Egdes, it’s more like a subgraph label for a relation. It can be used in queries to filter out different data sources, for example.


What is an “inbound predicate”? How about inbound vs. outbound predicates?

Found the terms here and can’t really find a good definition.