Future Database Performance


Operational Distributed DB’s, Timeseries, and a few others seem to be something that are catching a lot of steam lately. Do you have any benchmarks on Cockroach vs Level/Bolt/Postgres? Further more in the Operational Distributed DB Category:

  • Amazon Aurora
  • Microsoft Cosmos
  • Fauna DB
  • Yugabyte

In the time series it seems that Influx has been catching on. Not sure what other DB’s people are seeing but is there any thought into this topic on why one DB may be a good choice for performance and scaling for cayley and RDF in general?


I’m currently working on generalizing our backend implementations - it will help with benchmarks of these new DBs.

With this work I hope to lower the barrier for new backend implementations, so they can share most optimizations if they fall into one of existing data models (KV, NoSQL, SQL).

KV is mostly done, so expect to see new LevelDB port, improved Bolt2 performance, and maybe an experimental CockroachDB KV backend (raw KV access, since CDB is basically a distributed KV).

NoSQL and SQL will follow shortly. Once NoSQL is ready we may try to benchmark these different solutions.