Firebase storage engine


Hi guys I was wondering if a Firebase backend would be possible with Cayley and why if not. Thoughts?


I am interested in this as well. Any ideas from switching from MongoDB to Firebase? Also, What about Firebase Store?


It’s even easier to add new backends right now, but we need someone to maintain it.



I am thinking about writing a backend for Google Firestore.

Looking at the current code organisation, this would probably mean adding another set of dependencies in a growing list of modules (see go.mod). As a suggestion, perhaps the codebase can be refactored such that each backend could live in its own repository. E.g . cayley-badger, cayley-postgresql and then cayley-firestore.
Maybe this would introduce other challenges. Thoughts?


Sorry for the late reply. It makes a lot of sense.

Also, we are slowly transitioning to a separate library that will handle different backends in a consistent way.