FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Lets get some of the most common questions here (and feel free to ask more):

  • Is Cayley “Production Ready”?
  • Does it support $X as a backend?
  • So many confusing terms, can you define them?
  • How to model data in Cayley?
  • How to put properties on edges?


For the general public, no. For the brave and true gophers – there are some of us running it in production everyday.


We are currently creating a tiered list of support. Built-in, first-party and third party. Stay tuned.


Working on it: Glossary Of Terms


Big question, we are trying to answer it: Schema Design.


@robertmeta any chance you could list some of the production ready obstacles which require you to be brave and true? This looks like a great project and I’m trying to build a risk profile right now - it could also serve as a bit of a milestone list for what needs to be done to bring Cayley to production ready status (if that is a goal :slight_smile:)



How do I get a node with all predicates as a result object?


For future reference: Get vertex with all predicates


Something that I’m asking myself and may be good to have on the FAQ:

  • How to connect and setup an already existing and populated PostgresSQL database to Cayley?