Does Cayley support Java?


I have searched a lot from past some days but I didn’t get a single link or any jar file related to the cayley-java support. My organization is going to switch to Cayley from OrientDB but I am not able to find any relevant java support link. can you guys please help me out for the same asap.

Thanks in advance.


We do not support Java directly, but offer a REST interface that can be used from any language. We also plan to add gRPC support, so you will be able to generate RPC client for Java this way.

What functionality do you expect from the driver currently?


Thanks for the quick response @dennwc

Actually i m looking for some kind of jdbc connectivity. I have to develop some rest api’s in java to insert,update and delete the relationship between the nodes as well as same operations on nodes in cayley via some standard payload. Along with this standard operation have to develop some api’s for filtering of data.
Please send me the links if you can help me out for the same.