Can Cayley connect to MongoDB with ssl?


First time I set up MongoDB with no auth and use it connect to cayley.
but have someone hack my mongodb server he create collection with data like this.
I think set username and password to mongoDB is not enough.

I read config doc it no content about connect mongodb with ssl.

    "_id" : ObjectId("5a700bc79ab74afddc843950"),
    "BitCoin" : "1FwSLsSJPVrWEwX3aQiHr1JqdcQA12M3ro",
    "eMail" : "",
    "Exchange" : "",
    "Solution" : "Your Database is downloaded and backed up on our secured servers. To recover your lost data: Send 0.1 BTC to our BitCoin Address and Contact us by eMail with your server IP Address and a Proof of Payment. Any eMail without your server IP Address and a Proof of Payment together will be ignored. You are welcome!"


Hi! I tried to connect Cayley to MongoDB Atlas maybe a half a year ago and did not succeed. The library that was used did not support the SSL. Not sure if that is fixed/updated right now.