Can Cayley be used as a classifier


After playing around with Cayley graph db to build a toy solution for similarity analysis problem, i start to believe that Cayley can also be used in binary classification problem. curious to know whether this has been done already.


I’m not aware of any specific examples of such usage, so it will be interesting to hear about your use case :slight_smile:


Thanks. What I am trying to do is to enhance my learning about cayley by applying Gremlin queries to solve a classification problem.
For example, I learnt how to use a scikit DecisionTree to classify an object (with specific parameters) into say Apple or Orange.
Now, given that cayley also has the power to find similar nodes to any given node, I am planning to construct a small function using Gremlin queries to create a classifier. Since this looked like a generic problem statement, I thought somebody would have already come across similar thing or something which is already existing as part of the API.


@DroidPoe made any progress?


Hi @Jorgen, yes making some slow progress by using a set difference and union applications through the “Path.Intersect” and “Path.Except” calls however the results are not consistent. I will share the prototype as soon as it works.