Building a Cayley Cookbook


The idea behind a cookbook is very simple, common patterns for representing data in graphs – specifically Cayley. So if you ever wondered “How should I store $thing in Cayley”, more properly these are probably schemas – but we can go a little deeper into access patterns and even some optimizations around them and why they work well with Cayley.


And a nice primer on Gremlin (as used by Cayley). I’m finding it definitely tougher to learn that Cypher and lots of resources on the net seem to refer to Gremlin that has some differences.


Honestly, I think we should either strive towards a greater degree of 1:1 compatibility with Gremlin – or rename what we call ours, we can still say it is Gremlin Inspired, but should have its own name… CayleyScript?


“GraphSearch” sounds cooler :slight_smile: (and sounds proprietery, so if someone writes a book about it and sells on Amazon, the name alone might get some sales)


Good docs and tutorial of the query language is a great idea. How about the name CayQL?


Ohh, I like that one.


Docs are halfway there (it’s not intuitively written, but it is exhaustive). Tutorial would be awesome and frontpage-worthy.

CayQL, eh, maybe. If it’s a gremlin fork Gizmo comes to mind. :slight_smile:

In terms of query languages, I should start a technical research and overview thread; there’s a lot there


Are there licensing/trademark issues regarding calling something that is gremlin-inspired by another name?


Unlikely – but I wouldn’t worry about that side of things too much – we got top notch legal representation. Patent / Trademark issues are covered, if an issue comes up we will deal with it.


Some ideas for the cookbook.


Hi There! As I’ve been learning Cayley I am continuously collecting my notes and sandbox code fragments. I thought, other beginners like me might find them useful, so I organized them into a kind-of cook-book, that you can find here:
Any feedback and contribution is highly welcome.


Hi Tom, I’ve been using your cookbook to get up to speed with Cayley. Thanks for the initiative!