Allow calling AddQuad with 3 parameters


Is there a reason not to allow this syntax?

store.AddQuad(quad.MakeRaw("", "is", "admin"))

Isn’t the label (4th argument) only relevant for graphs that I intend to merge with other graphs? I assume that internal apps don’t need this argument. Is it the wrong assumption?


Add it to Rough Edges list?


I write internal apps that make LOTS of use of labels for data-sourcing. When I import data I make a label of like ptabtrail:2017-04-18 — those are items I imported from that source on that date.

We could maybe make a triple.MakeRaw(a,b,c) that just calls quad.MakeRaw(a,b,c,nil)?


Do you have an example where you use the labels when querying data? I’m looking for a way to limit the scope of the query to only items that have a given label (i.e. the URI of the document containing those triples).