This category has zero actual useful content. It is just for getting used to using Discourse without fear of messing up or bumping into real content.

Off Topic

This place is for the explicitly off-topic. Sometimes a conversation goes way off topic, or you randomly find out you and another forum member have a deep love of motorcycles or making your own chain link armor, or whatever. This is for things that some members want to talk about that obviously isn't related to Cayley.

Getting Help

If you are looking for support/help -- you have found the right place! This can be question specific to Cayley or more generally about graphs.

Technical Discussions

This section is not for getting help but for more technical discussions about Cayley.


This topic is for conversations about our community and how to grow it and keep it connected as a functional whole.

Old List

This category exists only to act as a mirror of old mailing list content to make it searchable, you can not create new threads here.


The top level of documentation is for reference guides

Suggestion Box

Got a random suggestion about anything -- put it here! Website, project, leadership, color choices, font choices, conferences we should go to, etc.